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Dear Reader,

I used to hate words. I thought words were fickle and futile. They insulted me by reducing my unique feelings and experiences-OBVIOUSLY only felt by me and me alone-to arbitrary sounds.

But then I realized that it was only hard for me to verbally communicate because I was afraid. I didn’t hate words at all! I was just terrified that I’d never be able to find the right ones with which to truly express myself.

That’s how the Emotionary was born. For months, I tried to define every emotion I’ve ever felt, and asked my friends to do the same. Eventually I realized I had an ever-growing inventory of Emotionary Words-words like ambiviculty, emptication and gullacate-that were missing from my massive Oxford English Dictionary/computer’s spell check/ex-boyfriend’s vocabulary.

I don’t expect the Emotionary to solve all of your problems; it definitely didn’t do anything close to that for me. But hopefully just knowing that someone else experiences the same overwhelming ups-and-downs makes you feel a little less alone in the world. And if you’re really feelin’ it, join me in launching the “Everyone Think and Talk About Our Feelings All the Time” movement of 2013. Let’s create a Feelings Army. Let’s start an Emotolution.


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Jamie V. Magruder

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