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Have you ever wondered if emotions were made into words? All of us at some point in time has got stuck because we could not explain the beauty of something, or the enormity of an incident. We wish there were some word which could express the same emotion which we feel. The Emotionary is a book written by Eden Sher and contains words that do not exist for the various feelings we have. The writer is an actress who plays Sue Heck on “The Middle,” and she also voices for Star on “Star vs. The Forces of Evil.” Growing up she had a difficulty of articulating her feelings into words, so each time she had no words to explain something, she would make up a word, and that resulted in the book Emotionary.

Emotional Anarchy


The book has no specific storyline, and it is straightforward to read. Emotionary is full of words which you’ve always wanted to use in your day to day life. Most of the words have comics near them, and these illustrations are hilarious and useful at the same time. These figures are drawn by Julia Wertz, and they bring more clarity and life to the words in the book. You finally get to put complicated feelings into words and those words are recognized for what they are.

The chapters in Emotionary are based on emotions, and they are divided as “Emotional Anarchy,” “Annoying Sh*t People Do,” and “Neutral Sh*t People Do.” The book is for everyone, and regardless of the age, anyone can read the book and enjoy it.

Some of the best words in Emotionary include “happrihensive” which is the word for expressing that feeling when you are afraid of something but you want it anyway, and you feel both happiness and apprehension.  “Castrapolate” is a mixture of “castastrophe” plus “extrapolate”; the word is to explain a situation where you are having a dramatic response to a circumstance and anticipate the worst outcome for that state.

Some of the words in the book are purely circumstantial, words like “epiphannaise” is that moment when you come to know that aioli and mayonnaise is the same thing and you thought both were different all your life. Words like “strumble” are what most of us feel every day; it means to deteriorate into emptiness when we are filled with stress and exhaustion.

Words which we use in our daily conversations are also included. “Contropinion” is for expressing a controversial opinion where you happen to dislike something but is loved by everyone else around you. I am sure that all of us have been in a situation where we thought we had received a text or call but when we look at the phone, there are no calls or texts, the word for that feeling you get at that time is “fauxbration.”

There are so many different words in the book which are so innovative and capture our emotions so perfectly. One can even read the word and try to figure out what the word would probably mean.